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App Store Analytics for iOS and Android developers | Hourly App Store Ranks | App Store Sales Reporting | iTunes Connect Sales Analytics | Worldwide App Store Reviews | Top 400 Hourly Updated App Store Ranks | iAd & AdMob Tracking

We routinely seize and visualize exactly what matters simply by combining revenue & download numbers, world-wide reviews & ranks, along using other juicy data into powerful, simple to comprehend reports.
App Shop Analytics with regard to iOS as well as Android developers | Hourly App Retailer Ranks | App Retailer sales Reporting | iTunes Connect Revenue Analytics | Worldwide App store Evaluations | Leading 400 Hourly updated App Retailer Ranks | iAd & AdMob Tracking
What's appFigures?
Who's using it?

. Tens involving 1000s of app developers, from indies along with tiny studios to end up being able to mega publishers.

How secure is actually it?

We adhere towards the industry's highest safety standards along with have a strict privacy policy. read more ->
A beautiful app monitoring platform regarding app developers along with publishers. Mixed with almost all the power to add and consider away information whatsoever times, you are within complete control of the information

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